We are fortunate to be situated in King George's Park in the Rugby Club Pavilion, off the Ingrave Road. We have a bright, safe and secure hall with space to accommodate exciting and stimulating, age appropriate resources which are well maintained and accessible for all children. We also benefit from having a separate room which we use for stories, singing, and small group activities.






Being situated in the park we regularly make use of the fantastic surroundings, which gives our children the confidence and opportunity to explore and learn about the natural world around us. By making use of the surrounding area, our children learn about seasons, weather, plants and trees, and their local environment.




We also use the concrete area and large grassed area directly outside the front of the building. This area is fenced to provide a large space for the children to move freely from the inside to outside area. This allows us to have our classroom extended and children can play and explore in different ways and on various scales. This also gives the children the opportunity to be physically active throughout the session on a variety of large physical apparatus and the space to play large physical games in all weather.