A few housekeeping items & General Information:

We open the setting at 915am and 1pm and once the majority of children have arrived we will shut and lock the front door - if you arrive after we have done this please ring the doorbell and wait. (You may wish to show your face at the window so we can acknowledge you are there)

We spend a few minutes at the beginning of every session completing a number of tasks - it is an opportunity for all staff and children to be made aware of the layout of the session. For example, staff and children are marked in on our register and counted- this is vital in the event of an emergency evacuation of our building, their coats and shoes changed and any necessary information has been passed onto the relevant key person. The children and staff are reminded about how to keep themselves safe whilst using the activities for the session.

We ask you to bear with us until the session deputy has the opportunity to open the door for you and your child.

Please contact us using the 07901 191685 for King George's and 07483 843248 for West Horndon if you are running late, or you need to collect your child early or naming a different person to collect your child or your child will not be attending the session due to illness or other reason.

A member of staff will be onsite from 830am to 330pm to leave a message.

It has always been our policy for children (as soon as they are settled) to come through the double doors on their own and the staff will help them with changing shoes etc. Please can parents stand back from the doors and give children room to come in, give any messages to the member of staff at the door and please do not enter. This causes congestion in the entrance way, unless, of course, it is urgent or you need to speak to the person on the door or your key person.

We are just approaching the season of coughs colds & bugs - full details are in our Health & Hygiene Policy. In order to protect not only other children but also our staff please do not send your child into the session if they are unwell or have sickness & diarrhoea. If they have been sick or have diarrhoea they cannot come back into a session until 48hrs from the last episode of vomiting/diarrhoea occurred. The staff are required to follow the same guidelines.

We ask you to be considerate of our whole pre-schools well-being as if our staff levels drop due to a virulent type of bug we may be unable to run sessions at short notice.

We know that for a few of you trying to fit in pickups from Bright Sparks and schools is tricky and now the children are more settled we would now like to ask you to collect at 245pm or 330pm (whilst we want to accommodate all your needs we have found on some afternoons 5 children being collected at different times ranging from 230 to 325, it makes it very unsettling for the remaining children and sometimes they have to leave an exciting activity! We are a pack away setting and ALL staff are fully engaged between 3 and 330pm either with a group activity or getting the children's bags and craft activities ready for going home time.)

At the end of each session there is an opportunity for you to have a brief catch-up with your child's key person however if you collect your child early from the session you will see the Session deputy and any paintings or pictures will probably come home the next time your child is with us. Should you ever feel you want to talk to the key person in more depth please speak to me and we can arrange a mutually convenient time.


Rachel Wells