Our pre-school regards snacks and lunch times as an important part of the day. Eating represents a social time for children and adults, and helps children learn about healthy eating. We help children to learn about a range of food, and of cultural approaches to mealtimes and eating. We take account of any special dietary needs, including religious and medical needs of individual children.

Lunch Club provides an excellent introduction to eating with others in preparation for school. At Lunch Club we promote healthy eating habits and discuss healthy foods to eat. We make the lunch hour a happy and social occasion.



Children can attend lunch club from Monday to Friday (12.00 - 12.55pm). Children bring their own packed lunch. We encourage healthy eating and reinforce good table manners. It gives the children the opportunity to sit and have a meal with their peers in preparation for school. After eating, the children sit quietly, either looking at books, engaging in quiet activities, or playing group games.